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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hospital Bag Essentials

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Tonight at 11:50pm a year ago my water broke. Gabriel was already a week late by this point so we had been prepared with the hospital bag and 'the plan' for about a month. In honor of such an event I thought I'd give to you my hospital bag must haves! I spent a lot of time researching and probing friends as to what I should take with me and after everything was said and done I can say that we used everything we brought and had everything we wanted!

For Her
Target Nursing Camisoles
One size up NEW Stretchy Underwear (forget using those hospital disposable underwear to hold in the icepack, pads and the works)
New Cozy PJs
Hair dryer
Hair Ties and Bobby Pins
Make Up
Face Wash
Body Wash
Body Sponge
Music Play List
Something Cozy/Stretchy (to go home in)

For Him
Change of Clothes
Comfy Clothes (to sleep in)
List of People to Call or Text (prioritized)

For Both 
Camera (make sure you have the SD card and a charged battery)
Power  and Charging Cords
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Water Bottles

For Baby
A Couple of Going Home Outfits
Carseat (can't leave without it)
Baby Blanket

I'm glad we packed a few changes of clothes because we were there three nights (one before baby and two after). What were you happy you took to the hospital? What did you forget?

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  1. this is a great list Lena! I am definitely getting a new cute and cozy set of pjs for myself for next time. I went home three hours after he was born so we didn't need extra changes of clothes, but I packed them to be prepared in case I had to get transferred to the hospital. thanks for sharing!

  2. Great list! I was not prepared at all. Our little guy came 4 weeks early so we did not have a bag ready. My husband had to leave me at the hospital and run home, good thing we only lived like 5 minutes away :) And thank goodness for my mom who brought us some preemie outfits, otherwise we didn't even have clothes that would fit! Hopefully next time we are much more prepared and ready early!

  3. Mamas recovering from caesarean will need extra clothes, extra (big granny) underwear, and lots and lots and lots of pads. :)

  4. Thank you thank you thank you! This will be so helpful in the future! :]


  5. 3 hours?! Wow! That's awesome! I take it you did more of a home birth but not at your home?

  6. Oh my word! Yea we didn't have anything NB size because we figured he'd be too big so when he was born we too had to request small clothes!

  7. Yea I imagine that is a whole different kind of recovery process that I don't know anything about!

  8. You seem to be talking about that more and more. :)

  9. yes I had him at a birth center. it was a really nice experience :)


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