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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Definition of a Boy

boy, n.
1. noise with dirt on it

Gabriel ate dinner earlier than us the other night so as Chris and I were eating dinner on the back deck we placed Gabriel in the yard. Well, no sooner had we finished saying grace did Gabriel start climbing into Chris' dirt pile! Once Chris confirmed that there was no fertilizer in it I was in full support of the fun play. Chris had so much fun encouraging Gabriel to get messy and I enjoy Chris giving Gabriel his bath that night. 

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  1. So cute! So many parents are afraid to let their children explore, so good to see you let him!!

  2. hahahaha! this is SO FUNNY to me! I have no idea what this is like. Fern does NOT like her hands or feet .. or knees to be dirty. She will make the most disgusted face and shake her head no while sayind "nononono".
    The fact that he is covered from head to toe AND EATING IT! aaaahahaha.. I do hope I have a little boy one day.

  3. I now have to accept that if I let him free outside he WILL find dirt, he is so drawn to it! I was wondering if this was one of those 'boy' things. I asked my husband if we had a girl if he thought she'd do the same thing. It's so funny that even at the youngest of ages the gender 'traits' start to be noticeable.

  4. Oh my gosh, totally! I let him put stuff in his mouth and eat things of nature and I get parents at the park all the time running over and taking things out of his hands and mouth acting as if I'm being negligent. He has never chocked on anything yet. That doesn't mean he won't but I think it's good for him to explore and even if it doesn't appear that I am paying attention, I am. :)

  5. Oh my gosh lol! This is SOOO cute! And that's the perfect definition for a boy. Hey, see you DO have your camera ready for cute moments :)


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