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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I Forgot after Saying 'I Do'

The moment my husband and I said 'I do' our lives instantly changed- for starters we didn't live together before. Going into it I not only didn't realize how much would change but what I would also forget to do over the course of the first few years. For example I forgot how to make coffee. I made coffee all the time being a sleep deprived college student but once we got married and moved in together my coffee was made for me. Chris typically had to wake up earlier than I did and is more addicted than I am so it was sort of by default. I had a girlfriend over the other night and she asked for some coffee and I quickly realized I didn't know where to begin because my husband grinds all his own coffee- I always bought pre ground... Fortunately said friend was a barista so she had it handled. If realizing I was rusty at making coffee wasn't enough that same night I also learned that I 'forgot' how to wash a car. Now I know you can't forget how to wash a car but you can either be good or terrible at washing a car- I am terrible. I hadn't washed a car since high school because once again that has been a chore my husband took up. Please don't judge too harshly.

All this got me to thinking as to what else I didn't realize I wasn't (typically) doing anymore and here is what I came up with:

taking out the garbage
killing spiders (this is a given though, right)
mowing the lawn (expect when I am 9 months pregnant and wanting to go into labor)
Pulling weeds
Going into the attic
Pushing the shopping cart (when we go together)
Scrubbing the pots and pans

Of course I still do some of these things but they are mainly the jobs Chris takes up as I'm doing the jobs and choirs I do for him (i.e. cooking, cleaning, laundry). 

What are the household jobs or chores that you've found yourself not participating in as much since starting a relationship or getting married? How do you and your partner meet the demands of a household? Take turns? 50/50? Short end of the stick? 

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  1. Justin exclusively cleans the bathroom, takes out the trash, and washes the car. I do the laundry, make dinner, and do the grocery shopping. The only thing we equally switch off on is the dishes, as we don't have a dish washer. :) Justin always "notices" my absence when I get super busy with work. He'll text me and say, "Help, I'm stinky and hungry." Lol.

  2. Oh man I wish Chris did the bathrooms! I got him to do it when I was pregnant which was nice.

  3. My husband always cleans the bathroom (I don't know the last time I've cleaned a toilet..gross), takes out the trash, washes the car, mows. I'm the only one that deep cleans, dishes (unless he's feeling nice), laundry. I cook more but he does cook too. Oh, and he puts gas in the car..I don't know how LOL . He's done it for so many years that I totally forgot! I tried one time and couldn't figure it out and had to leave the gas station lol. ridiculous I know!
    Jay also only pushes the shopping cart...he wont let me haha. Not sure why.. :)

  4. My FIL pumps the gas for the cars, I think it's cute.


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