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Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up no.6

Hope everyone had a great holiday! Here's to another week of great weather!

{THIS} Blog Post

Who doesn't like a free printable? When I cam across these it seemed too good to be true! You can find some nice printable online but lets be honest, the ones you really want usually cost something and I thought this was one of those printables. I cautiously followed the link and sure enough they were indeed free! I already have one framed at our front door.

{THIS} Recipe

I love S'mores. They aren't just a camping food for me because I love them right out of the microwave too! Don't those bars look like a nice little slice of heaven?! I also got a kick out of reading through the blog post- Shelly is a riot. She started her blog to justify her sugar and butter obsession which is how I view sharing recipes on my blog sometimes. I'm sure you'll just love her.

These Moments

It was a great week, I couldn't pick just one! On the 4th of July we met up with Chris' side of the family and met our newest nephew for the first time! He was born back in February while we were in Japan. It was so excited to watch Gabriel check out his cousin and boy have I missed my sister-in-law!

We also went on our first PNW hike on Saturday. If you follow me on instagram I was going post crazy- just so excited! We live on the Washington Peninsula and are about an hour to an hour and a half away from Olympic Mountains which is covered in awesome hikes! Don't be fooled- Chris packed Gabriel for 95% of the way. And who gives the 'thumbs-up' in pictures? Ha, I guess this girl... Stay tuned for a blog post about our adventure filled with alpine views!

{THIS} Etsy Shop

I kid you not, I want one of each of the iPhone covers sold in this Etsy shop! They are all so cute and right on trend. I (embarrassingly) did a little snarky rant (shakes head) a while back about how I thought it was silly that tribal designs, arrows, and dream catchers where super trendy now because I was all about them as a child and it made me weird. Now that I've worked passed my stubbornness I'm embracing the trend and really enjoying it.

{THESE} Words

I tell Chris 'I love you' quite a bit. To the point where some days he asks, "you sure have said that a lot today, any reason why?" And I never know how to answer him. Typically I just feel overcome with emotion (yes I'm being sappy) and can't help myself. When I read this it all made sense. 

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  1. Oh my goodness I think I could lick the computer screen-- those s'more bars look INCREDIBLE. I'm a total sucker for s'more anything. Yum!!!

  2. Those s'more bars look delicious, they probably look the best out of all the ones I've seen on Pinterest. I also LOVE the arrow phone cover you posted, I just got a new one but I feel like you can never have too many iphone cases :)


  3. That printable is so sweet! I love it. And the photos from your hike are beautiful. Such a gorgeous backdrop for a family photo :)

    1. I feel so blessed to live in the area of the US I do, so gorgeous! Thanks.


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