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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One Month Until a Year!

This month has felt longer than any other. This month you have lived both in Japan and the United States. Of course you came down with a cold right before flying home but fortunately once again you were an amazing flyer who only fussed maybe a minute or two. We were beyond thankful that you didn't make it challenging for any of the other passengers to shed grace on you. Unfortunately though because you are a baby some part of the travel experience had to be hard- our first week back was very challenging.

We were convinced you were crazy allergic to the cat! During the day you seemed fine besides your runny noise but come nap or sleep time it was game over. Didn't matter if we nursed, rocked, or just held you, as soon as we walked into your room you panicked. The only real reasoning we had for blaming it on the cat was that your behavior reminded us of episodes we had with you before leaving for Japan. Looking back on it I find it sort of silly that we jump to such extreme conclusions when there were so many factors- I mean you were sick with jet lag! Mom and Dad went and bought you an air purifier thinking that would help but it didn't seem to change things. 

You had started forming some not so great sleep habits over the last few months (like waking up 5-10 times a night to nurse) and since we knew transitioning home was already going to mess with your sleep schedule and you were fussing before bed no matter what we did do some heavy sleep training. We cut all night time feedings because you're a big boy who didn't need food at night, but just liked to cuddle with mom many times throughout the night. Boy did you take to the new "thing" fast! You started sleeping 10 hours straight through the night the very first time! Okay so you woke for a couple minutes in the middle of the night but just whined a little then got cozy and slept some more. We are always so amazed with how well you adapt. You also seemed so much more rested in the mornings, it was a win for everyone. We finally have a bedtime routine established filled with brushing teeth, a bath, and books. 

Oh that cat allergy, well when we took you to the doctor we learned that you had fluid in both ears so the culprit was more likely a double ear infection. Sorry for buying you an air purifier when you had an ear infection, we're new at this too. We also learned that you were 31.5" putting you in the 97th percentile (no surprise) and in the 50th percentile for weight at 21 pounds. Such a long and lean little man! 

You might have thought it was just your little secret but we were on to you in Japan that you could actually crawl. Around 7 months you could get up on all fours and scoot ever so slightly but nothing close enough to be considered a crawl. We don't blame you for not trying harder at it then because we understood that scooting yourself on your belly across the slick floor was a lot more effective and a lot less work. What you didn't know that we did was that that method was going to be so much harder on our carpet when we got home! Your dad and I guessed that within a week of being home you would be crawling on all fours. Sure enough, on the 8th day of being back in our house you started crawling and since then your mobility has progressed rapidly! You love to pull yourself up, climb up and over things, you can climb up all the stairs to the second floor in 2 minutes and you also now walk with a walker. We sort of guessed that if we had carpet in Japan you'd probably be walking by now but it's really okay that you aren't there quite yet.

Forgive me for telling you you wouldn't be popular once we get back to the states, apparently you're still a hit! I guess you really are a cute baby because I get stopped out in public almost as much as I did in Japan. However in Japan you were called 'cute' but here in America you're called beautiful. What I hear the most about you is how beautiful your eyes are (you're welcome) and we are always being asked if you are always "that calm/mellow." We almost feel bad saying yes to that question, not sure why but we do. Thanks by the way.

Boy oh boy has your appetite jumped! You love your food and if you catch mommy eating something during the day your quickly nipping at my heels for a taste too. We got you a booster/high chair that attaches to a dinning room chair and you love it but you do make quite a mess! We've noticed that you throw food on the ground if it's just a touch too warm or if you are done eating but you eventually get around to eating it if mom isn't quick enough about cleaning it up- it's where you keep your leftovers I guess.

We love that you're still cuddly as ever and still love sharing. We try really hard to not take items out of your hand and rather give you a chance to hand them over or trade with us.

We love you more than ever and know that it will continue to be that way. You are already teaching us so much and we're always amazed and impressed with your development and ability.

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  1. Hi there! Visiting from the collective. Our littles are nearly the same age! How were the international flights? We will be flying from UK to Venezuela when the twins will be 13 months :/ Any insight is appreciated! Your babe is adorable!

    1. Here there, thanks for stopping by! That sounds like a fun trip! Flying was a breeze for him! I wish I had tips to share but I think it was mainly just him. We tried really hard to stay calm and collective ourselves and to not rush anything- I think that helped a lot. I bought a travel boppy which was really great for having G cuddle on my lap and also had a few new toys that he hadn't seen before. We brought along his favorite books and let him nurse all he wanted in addition to his favorite foods/snacks. Good luck on your trip! XO

  2. He is truly a beautiful baby. Love reading all about him, and it makes me remember when Riggs was at this stage...I feel like it was just yesterday! Why do they grow and change so quickly?!

    1. I have no idea! I've been going through old videos and pictures and think, "I don't remember this!" I keep praying that I'll lock away all these moments in my memory to enjoy for years to come.

  3. I don't know how you did it, Japan to the US!? You are blessed to have such an easy going baby :) Love reading your posts!

    1. We count our blessings daily for this little guy. Unfortunately we feel (know) he's setting the bar too high for any possible future kiddos.

  4. So cute! My daughter is about to Turn 8 months!! Love you blog! New follower! :)

    Amanda @ Happily Ever After

    1. 8 Months feels like yesterday! Thanks for dropping by and congrats on the Liebster award!


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