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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mom-Lovin Blog Hop no.9

Gosh I pray you guys had a much better start to the week than I did, or maybe I should say less eventful start? I found myself in the ER on Monday afternoon to treat dehydration! It was pretty scary at the time but we're in the clear now, fortunately. Thank you all for keeping me entertained as I camped out on the couch and regained me strength these last few days.

 If you're interested in co-hosting with Hannah (Joyful Life) like Mia (Mossy JoJo) and me let Hannah know, we'd love to have you!

Today I am excited to introduce Amy from Keeping Up with the Smiths.

Amy and her husband Luke are coming up on their 4th wedding anniversary next month. She has a son named Cash who is just a few month older than Gabriel which I find fun to follow. Recently on her blog she has been giving tours of her current home and dream home- I swooned over quite a bit of it and I'm sure you would too! Go check it out! 

Also, don't forget to go see who Hannah picked to feature, it may be you! 

We like to keep it fresh around here so once again we're doing something new! 'Joyful Life' just got a Twitter - YAHOO - so it seemed appropriate to do a Twitter linkup this week in addition to Blog-Lovin. More fun for all!  

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  1. oh no! I hope you're feeling much better now!

  2. lovely blog! new follower via bloglovin'!

  3. You know...just being confused about what I am doing...leaving a comment. :)

  4. Hey! Just being confused about what I am doing...leaving a comment. :)

  5. Thanks! I think we have all finally fully recovered. It seems to be going around our state... have seen it on the news.

  6. Thank you Ashlie! Glad to have you!

  7. Also, I tried visiting your blog but it said I couldn't without being invited!

  8. My new blog address is :)


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