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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dirty Face Ridge- Hiking PNW

Chris and I absolutely love where we live. Calling the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state home gives us access to hundreds of hiking trails in the Olympic mountains. Because I was pregnant last summer we haven't be able to hike the Olympics in two years! 

Last week I was thinking a hike was in order for the following weekend and my friend Tricia had the same idea so last Saturday we pack up the car and took Gabriel on his first PNW (Pacific Northwest) hike! 

Chris and I own an hiking book and my goal is to hike all hikes listed. The hard part about that is that there are hikes we really love and have hiked and will hike multiple times. For our back to Washington initiation hike I really wanted some Alpine views because it was going to be a clear day but also wanted a more mild hike. Well I succeed in picking an alpine view hike and though the hike wasn't terribly long, it sure had quite an elevation change! Here's are adventure to Dirty Face Ridge! 

Gabriel in his pack for the first time and ready to go!

Just the beginning of the trail felt intimidating. It's hard to tell from the photo but the trail was narrow, filled with loose rock and steep!

In for a doozy! First couple miles has a grad of 35-40%.

Signing in- this wasn't a very populated hike because people tend to choose Mt. Townsend trail over Dirty Face Ridge. We love Mt. Townsend so we understand.

The Washington state flower! Love rhododendrons in the wild but not in my yard.

This hiking is tough work!

Just kidding, I'm not sleeping mom.

He did finally give in.

Bearded man hold a baby on a mountain- what more could a woman want?

A hike is not a hike without my girl, Tricia! I've hiked more with her than Christopher!

For our post-hike fuel up we stopped at a little joint called Fat Smitty's. Whenever Chris and I drive by a tiny diner we talk about how good the food probably is and we should stop. Well, we finally did stop and boy were we not disappointed!

They eventually donate all the money attached to the walls and ceilings! I'm surprised it doesn't break a health or fire code...


This is called the Fat Smitty and was such a great way to end the day, super tasty! Tricia and I split one which half of this burger was still bigger than a normal burger! Christopher loved his too, he didn't say so but that how I know- he was so quiet!

I defintely would be interest in doing this hike again but next time I want to hike it all the way up to Mt. Townsend. It was nice being on a hike that wasn't filled with a bunch of other hikers. It's nice seeing lots of people hiking but it's also fun feeling like you have the mountain to yourself. 

Have you gone hiking yet this summer? 

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  1. Wow amazing job! I love hiking with Lillian too! Great pack! Looked like a beautiful hike:).

    1. The pack was amazing! Even with a hard hike and a 22lb baby it didn't kill our backs. We will be investing in some hiking sticks though.

  2. Wow, the pictures are so beautiful. What a beautiful place to spend the day. I envy you! Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

    1. Thanks! We do not take our area of the world for granted.


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