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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Camping Accessories

This is NOT a post sponsored by REI and all opinions are my own. 

REI is one of our favorite places to spend money. If you don't know what REI is I'm sorry. REI stands for Recreational Equipment Inc. and is a one stop shop for almost all your outdoor activity needs. Not only do they offer quality brands and equipment but they are known for their spectacular customer service. One of the things they are known for selling are B.O.B strollers, aka the best stroller ever. Our B.O.B sure got tested to its limits in Japan and a few of our add ons got some good wear and tear. When we returned to the US it only took maybe 10 minutes to have our items replaced with no questions asked. Like I said, great customer service. The greatest perk of shopping at REI is that when you are a member (which is only a one time cost of $20) 10% of each purchase (typically) comes back to you! Between our dividend and a generous coupon we had roughly $100 to spend. $100 to spend at REI sounds like a dream but you'd be surprised how hard it was to do! Sure we could have easily spent it by putting it all towards a kayak or new tent but we wanted to stretch our dividend as far was we could for a camping trip we have coming up next weekend. We really enjoy camping but haven't been since 2010, yikes! Here's what we purchased got for "free":

Do you guys have any of these items? I grew up with a cooking iron and loved it! We made pizza pockets all the time and a couple years ago I actually made an apple pie and corn bread in one. The one we have now though isn't cast iron and didn't work as great as the one from my childhood did so we upgraded. I'm really excited about the collapsable sink because it wraps up so small and light and I'm curious (and hopefully) about the herbal insect repellent for Gabriel. 

What are some of your favorite camping accessories? Have you ever camped with an 11month old? Any tips?! Where and how he is going to sleep seems to still be up in the air.

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