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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up no.5

I'm pretty glad this week is over and we're starting fresh tomorrow, anyone else feel that way? Here's to a better week ahead with gorgeous weather! 

{THIS} Blog Post

This was such a sweet and special post. Though I think it's important for the dad to take lead on the conversations (an on going conversation, not just a "talk") surrounding dating and relationships with a son (mother with daughter) there are some areas that as mother it will be appropriate for me to chime in and provide support, advice, and encouragement to Gabriel (and definitely Chris with a daughter if we have one) when that time comes. This blog beautifully lays out great advice from mother to son. 

{THIS} Recipe

Doesn't this peach and basil fresh salsa look delicious?! Will power does not really exist when it comes to me and tortilla chips with salsa. Does anyone else have that problem? I have never tried making my own salsa but it's one of my summer kitchen goals (so many lists and goals, I know) along with canning my own tomato sauce! Can you can salsa to make it have a longer shelf life? Anyone know about this stuff? 

This Moment

My sweet friend Tricia came home from El Salvador where she has been living for two years with the Peace Corps! We've been great friends since my Jr year of college and as silly as it sounds I believe it was our tall stature that immediately bonded us- finally someone to share a closet with! Fortunately our friendship quickly grew much deeper than sharing clothes and Chris and I moved to her home town! The Lord has truly hand his hand in our friendship from the beginning. For the last three years though our friendship has been strictly long distance between her Grad School program and Peace Corps and Chris and I living abroad a couple times ourselves. Somehow with all the years of distance we've been able to keep our friendship thriving and alive and we're thrilled to finally be back in the same country together! 

{THIS} Etsy Shop

On my house wish list since getting home are new pillows for our new sectional. The couch came with nice quality pillows however I didn't care too much for the fabric choices and kind of just went for the lesser of the two evils. New pillows are not high on the priority list but are on a list. While clicking my way through Etsy I came across the shop honey pie design and just fell in love with all Lana's handmade pillows! What I really love about her shop is that she has a customize option allowing you to get her great designs in colors that work for your home! 

{THESE} Words

Story of our lives this week! It has been a pretty brutal week in all honesty. The hardest part was that Chris and I were both actively trying to be positive and supportive but we were just incredibly off. Gabriel has been a hot mess between time change, sickness, and/or allergies, pair that with: 
*us being tired
*me battling allergies too
*Chris only getting 4 hours of sleep at night
*the reality that taking care of a house and yard takes more time and energy than a little apartment
*etc etc etc
I don't mean to sound whiny, just trying to paint the picture showing how much these words rang true this week. Many pots of coffee have been brewed- at all hours of the night,  and many watery-eyed prayers to Jesus have been said. Thank the Lord though because as of this morning it feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel and he has graced us with hope! 

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