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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up no. 4

This has felt like the longest week of my life and in some respects it probably was one of the longest. Hope everyone had a great week and relaxing weekend! Here's to an enjoyable and productive Monday tomorrow!

{THIS} Blog Post

This was a blog post I feel like most girls (maybe some boys) could totally relate to! As I read through it I found myself being reminded of certain dairy entries I had written and boy did my checks flush on the spot! This morning my mom gave me a box of some of my old things and in it was a 17 year old valentines card (everyone in the class got the exact same one I'm sure) from a boy that I had written gushy things on. Boy did I get super embarrassed and self conscience in that moment! Heaven forbid my husband see a card I got from a boy I had a crush on when I was maybe eight years old- that's how I treated it in that instant. Some things die hard. Does anyone else feel like their childhood crushes still need to be kept a secret? I feel like I revert back to my little elementary self sometimes when reminded of them.

{THIS} Recipe

Quinoa seems to be a food that people either love or hate- I love it! Right now I eat it most days of the week because I love the texture but mainly because it fills me up and keeps me more full than other foods. I enjoy fried rice but it rarely satisfies my hunger. I image that wouldn't be the case if I used quinoa instead!

This Moment

Flying home! We really did have great travels- honest. Because I had been packing for about a month and because Chris worked a half day the day before leaving we were able to get everything packed up without the stress! I think it was the first time I actually got a full nights sleep before traveling. We also couldn't have asked for any better from Gabriel. He didn't necessarily sleep all that much but also wasn't fussing either. We only had maybe a couple minutes of fuss out of him the entire trip. Unfortunately the time post traveling hasn't been as smooth...

{THIS} Etsy Shop

The shop Brown Pigeon is owned by Meagan Lewis. She handcrafts all her rubber stamps and specializes in creating stamps for business logos and wedding monograms. The above photos is a collage of a few of my favorites! She sells a large variety of stamps as well as an option for custom design. Also, don't overlook all her discount options!

{THESE} Words

Yesterday Hubs and I left the little one with Grandma Chris to go on a date go grocery shopping. This was the first time in six months that we've listen to American radio. I will admit confess that this was me yesterday afternoon. Even more embarrassing was that it was to the song, Call Me Maybe. Fortunately the song ended right as we were pulling up to a stoplight which Christopher pointed out, "glad that song ended right before this red light."

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  1. Oh that quinoa looks fantastic! I always have issue cooking it for some reason, maybe it's because I didn't know I had to soak it first ( silly me). Love your family photo, you are very beautiful btw. :)

    1. Awe, thanks!

      How does your quinoa usually turn out? I never soak mine and hardly rinse it... I always feel like a rebel when I skip the rinse. I mix double the amount of water with the quinoa (if 1 cup quinoa 2 cups water), bring to a boil then reduce the heat as low as possible, cover and simmer for 10-20 minutes depending on how much quinoa I'm making. Comes out fluffy every time! Just keep an eye on it at the end to make sure it doesn't simmer too long! It's not like rice in the sense that taking off the lid before it's done 'ruins' it.

  2. On another note, who designed your blog?? I love how you have the stay connected at the bottom, with all your subscription links? Love that!!

    1. I did! It's been a long process but it has been fun seeing how much it has changed the last two years. I just designed my signature with the social media icons and use an image mapping tool to add the links:

      If you have any questions about it let me know!

  3. duh, why have i never turned my fried rice into quinoa?! thanks for the inspiration!

  4. " we were pulling up to a stoplight which Christopher pointed out, "glad that song ended right before this red light." <-- haha, that's great! Love that ecard, it's so true! Glad you guys had a safe trip back. I think I need to go back through your archives (since we just started following each other last week) to see what you all have been up to out of the country :) And thanks for sharing that Etsy shop...I think I need her to make me a custom stamp for my business!
    Eva @ Snappee Turtle

    1. We had such a fun time! If you have any interest in Japan I'm sure you'd love some of our travels! Let me know if you use her for a custom stamp, would love to see it!


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