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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up no.3

Guys I really truly thought I'd be writing this week's wrap up cuddled into my plush sectional in my sweet house in Washington state but alas I'm still here in hot and humid Japan stuck to a pleather couch. 

{THIS} Blog Post

I thought this post was a beautiful and honest picture of motherhood. Dana, the author of the blog Made, gives us a glimpse into the balancing act of being an involved mother while (trying to be) a diligent house keeper. It was also a great reminder that our children's expectation can be far more easily met than we assume them to be.

{THIS} Recipe

Called a 'California Sandwich' this tasty bite is made up of tomato, avocado, cucumber, sprouts, and chive spread! What a light and savory afternoon treat.

This Moment

As I mentioned before, Gabriel's favorite pass time is simply cuddling and playing on the bed- yes I acknowledge this as a beautiful gift. The great part about all this bed play is that without us realizing it he learned how to back off the bed a few weeks ago so now he can get off without getting hurt, it's great. Gabriel loves practicing getting off the bed but once down he quickly gets frustrated that he cannot pull himself back up on the bed... He'll be tall enough in no time I'm sure, joking but not really. With Chris working 13hr shifts all day this week I swear I could physically feel ever tick of the clock, pair that with the unknown of when we are going home and you get yourself a long week! I'm thankful for these quiet moments with Gabriel filled with giggles, smiles, books, and cuddles because they are what get me through the day.

{THIS} Etsy Shop

Fawn and Rose is a shop that sells modern handmade jewelry out of the UK. I love the mix of wood and metal and the colors and style seem spot on to what is trending right now. The shop owner Jess also offers a 10% discount when you sign up for her mailing list which is always a bonus!

{THESE} Words

This quote from Jim Elliot could not have a more appropriate timing in our lives this week. As I have mentioned recently we have been packing and unpacking suitcases these last two weeks. When we flew here to Japan the beginning of January we thought we'd be returning home the 7th of June... Then that date became the 14th of June... Now it's the 21st of June... Have we had our moments of frustration, of course. However, as hard it may be, we're (trying) to choose our attitude (yes, my res-life friends from college, I just said that) and acknowledge that being here is a phenomenal experience that we are very fortunate to have.

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  1. My goodness, that sandwich looks amazing! Definitely need to pick up all those ingredients soon :)


  2. Love love love anything with avocados! One of my favs is an avocado, turkey and sprouts sandwich with of course a good bread!!! Yummm...


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