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Friday, June 28, 2013

Unexpected Cultural Transitions

There were some major culture shocks that Chris and I expected to deal with upon arriving home but there have also been some minor ones that have surprised us:

  • Having to take items out of the dishwasher before it's full enough to run because we need them. We were running the DW in Japan at least 3 times a day, it was so small!
  • Not taking a full day to wash and dry one load of laundry. Their washer and dryers are more gentle on your clothing but they take FOREVER to run.
  • Sending a letter only takes 1-2 days not 1-2+ weeks.
  • Our once tiny yard feels HUGE! 
  • We have way too much stuff- having a garage sale on Saturday.
  • Our thought to be terrible microwave is actually pretty nice.
  • We do too much unnecessary driving here in America. We caught ourselves walking out of the mall then driving around the mall to get to a restaurant on the other side. HELLO, why didn't we just walk through?
  • When I turn the stove on the first thing I think to do is open the house vents and turn on the fan. They use propane indoors. Don't worry, they have gas alarms. 
  • The ovens here continually run. I keep checking to make sure the oven is still on when I'm using it. Our oven in Japan would turn off if you opened it to check and I'd always forget to turn it back on.
  • Having a hard time remember to turn lights off when I leave the house. In our Japanese apartments lights automatically turned off once you removed the key card. 
  • Checked every bathroom at the YMCA for a built in baby chair so I could use the restroom. Why don't these exist here! Japan is very baby friendly/mommy conscientious. 
  • Overly excited to have soap in public bathrooms. Though Japan seems to be very concerned about staying clean there do not have soap in the bathrooms, ick! 
I'm sure I am missing quite a few and will discover more. At this point I'm surprised to say that I miss Japan more than I thought I would. I don't quite feel like I'm home yet but hopefully that will change as we continue to find our rhythm here again. 

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  1. I surprisingly experienced many of these too! LOL

  2. With as much laundry as my family runs through i think I would die if it took that long to do a couple of loads. Laundry really would never end,either that or the family would be wearing dirty clothes.

  3. Thanks for linking up to the Weekend Block Party giveaway! <3


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