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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Traveling Home Photo Log

A glimpse into the longest day of our lives- literally not figuratively. We couldn't have asked for a better travel experience and here's a look into it through the lens of my iphone.

Flying philosophy: Look good, feel good. 

Good by our quaint apartment! 

Luggage in the lobby waiting for our taxis. 

Yes, two taxis. 

Three hour train ride to the airport. 

Plush travels! 

At the airport: baby in he Ergo and luggage in the stroller. 

Going to miss the English. 

Last time we were here it utter chaos because of everyone evacuating. 

LOVE this place! Used to be one downtown Yokosuka but was turned into a convenient store. 

"classic" tuna and corn. Yep, very classic for Japan. 

Rather than talking about using the message chairs we actually did it this time. Best 200yen ever. ($2) 

So going to miss these nursing rooms! 

Last stop! Bought our favorite cookies and Chris bough a pen- the man loves his Japanese pens. 

About to board!  

My green tea and white chocolate bagel I purchased at NY Bagel before going through security. 

Until next winter Japan! 

Dinner was not too bad. Dessert however had traces of treenuts... bummer. 

They moved the person in the aisle seat so we could have the row to ourselves!

We're above Washington! G is one tired baby.


We were worried about him not taking to the car seat... he was way too tired to put up a fight. 

HOME! Plants and flowers need some TLC but we're excited to do it! 

Azteca for lunch. Very confusing experience straight out of Japan. Kept trying to respond to Spanish with Japanese.
Gabriel fell asleep in my arms towards the end. 

That was a quick $300 spent. YIKES but necessary I guess. 

Already climbing the stairs. 

Went to bed at normal time but everyone was awake just after 1am. Took a walk at 3 and went to back to bed at 4am.

We're still pretty tired and our eating schedule is all over the place but we're getting there! Life is a tad overwhelming due to experiences of culture shock but we're happy to be home and ready to start making the most of being back!

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  1. Wow is that a baby's high chair in the nursing room in Japan? That looks so cool! Thanks for posting these pics of Japan. It makes me want to go there even more :)

    1. YES! They are in most bathrooms too! SO HANDY!

  2. I'm so envious of how other countries like Japan treat their breast feeding mothers. Get it together, America! Looks like a great trip back! I'm so impressed with Gabriel, what a trooper!

  3. Wow, thank you so much sharing these photos, what an experience. I love seeing other countries airports and businesses.

    The nursing room is pimp!

    Glad your trip home was a safe and uneventful one.

    1. Are they ever! I am not looking forward to nursing in the back of my car again...

  4. That must have been a whirlwind of a trip! I love what you chose to wear, so cute! And looks like G did amazing traveling!

  5. Girlfriend, you are amazing!! I can't believe you made the trek from Japan with you little one, you'll need to post some tips & tricks ;) Hope you're starting to unwind and relax :)

    1. Haha thanks! Unfortunately I don't think it was much of a result of what I was doing but rather just an awesome baby. He's so good!

  6. So glad you made it safely! Absolutely love your flying philosophy! :)


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