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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Baby Food for Newbies (Me)

A few months ago I mentioned we've started Gabriel on purees and that I was going to share recipes for those when it comes time... I didn't realize how silly I must have sounded to some of you veteran moms out there when I made such a statement!

What I have learned  is that recipes aren't really involved in making home made baby purees, it's more about combinations of foods.

I found a pretty wonderful website which some of you have also mentioned to me called Wholesome Baby Food. What I love most about this site is that it gives you a heads up on when it's a good time to introduce a food. It's purely suggestive and only mommy (or whoever the main caregiver is) knows baby best but I found it to be a great guideline. For example, I know that Gabriel reacted negatively to me eating bananas, broccoli, and cauliflower and the website notes that these foods are a little harder on a baby's digestive system so it's best to wait until baby is 8-10 months. Because I know that Gabriel is already pretty sensitive to these foods I'll probably wait to more like 10 or 11 months since a "typical" baby is suggested to wait until 8-10 months.

Like I said, making baby food is more about brain storming up combinations. This website has suggested pairings that I found helpful and also just perusing the baby food aisle at the grocery store will help you think up some combos.

We also do not shy away from bold flavors and seasonings! Gabriel absolutely LOVES curry! Another fabulous article I've recently read talked about how most things we "know" about introducing babies to solids is a myth. We didn't start with rice cereal and actually let Gabriel try peanut butter around 7 months old. We're wild aren't we?! No, but in all seriousness rather than driving ourselves crazy trying to keep track of and following timelines we listen to Gabriel and take our cues from him. If he's interested in our table food we share. Once or twice a day we offer him purees and feed him until he is no longer interested. If he doesn't finish something, we either save it for later or throw it away because we feel it is better for Gabriel to continue to know how to eat based off of what his body is telling him and not by how much food is left.

Like I said, in addition to purees we also provide Gabriel with plenty of opportunity to feed himself table food. His main source of nutrition continues to come from nursing and will until he's a year or so  and until then all Gabriel's food experience are more about learning and developing. And I must say, the development from his experiences are shinning through! For awhile now he has been able to easily pass small items (like one cheerio or pea) from pincer grasp to pincer grasp without looking and we've also seen improvements in his hand-eye coordination.

It has been a fun journey and letting go of "the rules" has elevated much stress and anxiety from parenting.

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  1. I have to share a secret... I didn't follow the "rules" either! ha ha :)

  2. I couldn't even get Ben interested in eating food until a week or two ago, and he is nearly 8.5 months old. We have stuck with the BLW weaning approach, and he is getting really good at picking up finger foods. I also like the variety of foods he gets to eat because we aren't following rules. Last night he had kale, peas, avocado, and black beans! Just another fun adventure in mommy land, huh? :0)

    1. Babies are all different in their own little way! If we truly did BLW Gabriel would probably started eating table foods and such more like 4 months! He was crazy interested in food early on. Yea the foods you are feeding Ben sound much more interesting than rice cereal. ;-)

  3. Found your blog via the Bloglovin Blog the layout and the look, it's beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more from you!

    Kate @

  4. I followed the rules with my first child, timelines and all, but by age one, she was already very allergic to eggs. With our second baby, we took things much slower - I didn't make as many homemade purees, but relied more on table and finger foods, and introduced everything much later. And I will say, it was much, much easier (and no allergies!).

    The new layout looks great, by the way! And we're looking forward to seeing you all soon.

    1. That's very interesting Thea! Yea Gabriel definitely gets more variety through finger foods- he tries just about anything. As far as purees go we mainly just feed him apples and sweet potato. What do you think you'll do differently for the third child? :)

      Thanks, it's a never ending process it feels like. And yes, we are very excited too seeing you guys too!


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