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Saturday, June 15, 2013

An Exciting 10th Month

WOW, what an amazing month it has been! Okay so it didn't start out so hot... Gabriel had his first 'boo-boo' when he split his top lip open trying to go to his belly from sitting. Even though his teeth made a nasty cut when he face planted the crying was extremely minimal. Poor guy was a little sad to look at for the rest of the day because of a very thick lip but never did he seem bothered nor did it interfere with nursing. Phew! A few days later he had the move mastered and we were good to go. 

It seemed like Gabriel woke up with a new trick almost every day this month. There was one week especially where he learned a whole slew of tricks: moving from belly up to sitting, clapping, pointing, clacking his tongue, and intentionally handing over objects and releasing them. Other tricks achieved this month include the ability to use his finger/hand to manipulate sound coming from his mouth, gurgling, giving raspberries, pulling himself up and even starting to follow simple instructions. The best part is watching how pleased he is with himself when he starts doing something new- we spent one afternoon passing a blanket back and forth and boy did that get him giggling! The simple things in life truly are the best.

I love watching him pick up on routines- Gabriel has a little stuffed sheep he sleeps with that his great grandma gave him for Christmas and as of this month before I pick him up from bed he passes me the sheep as if to say, "Momma, I'm done sleeping, here's my sheep."

This big little man is still wearing 18 month clothing and pants remain quite roomy in the waist yet starting to get shorter in length. We aren't sure how tall he is since we haven't been to the doctor in a couple months but our guess is around 31". 

'Stranger-danger' seems to not be an issue at all anymore but he can still be pretty clingy with me while we're together.  I think a lot of that though has to do with the craziness of our life these last couple weeks packing to fly home and unpacking to not fly home over and over again.

Gabriel continues to be an extreme cuddler who will put your face in your hands and force an open mouth kiss smack on your lips (or around your lips) if you try to give him a cheek instead. He loves being held close and will pull himself closer when he sees necessary by wrapping his arms around your neck. We've been using the Ergo quite a bit more than the stroller needless to say. You better believe that I am soaking up every second of these snuggles. One of his favorite ways to pass the time is just hanging out on the bed snuggling into the blankets and into me, rolling around giving kisses, tickling, and reading books. We spend hours each day this way and are truly some of my most cherished memories.



  1. Lena, I just have to say again(did I tell you this before?) how much I love reading your blog. This year I will turn 62 and my child rearing days are long past. But reading your moments with Gabriel bring back all the wonderful memories of my time with my little man. My son Mark Jr. whom we call JR, is now 26 and he is moving out this month which is bittersweet for me. He hasn't really needed to find a place and really hadn't had the money to do so, but with the job he has now he makes good money and there is a woman on the side lines so he needed to find a place for them to live. I am excited for him, but also sad because my last child is leaving the nest. He is such a wonderful, loving, supportive young man full of hope and love and wanting so much in life. He and I have this wonderful bond that I recognize in you and Gabriel. Thank you for sharing your wonderful moments with your son and yes...grab them all and soak them in, because they grow so fast and before you know it -they ARE grown! Hope to get a chance some how to see you when you get back. Take care!! :-)

    1. Loved reading this Mary. Sounds like you have a beautiful relationship with your son! I hope that Gabriel and I do indeed have a relationship that flourishes just the same.

      Would LOVE to see you upon our return! That would be wonderful!

  2. Lovely photos! And what a great tribute :) He looks like a sweetheart.



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