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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Verny Park

Verny Park is a great little place right next to base and by little I actually mean pretty large. The park spans much of the water front between The US and Japanese naval bases on Tokyo Bay. There is a lovely wooden boardwalk, cherry trees that bloom in April, a children's area, thousands of rose bushes and even a Starbucks!

Verny Park was named after Francois Leonce Verny a French officer and naval engineer. Verny not only directed the construction of the Yokosuka Naval Arsenal but also the Kannonzaki Lighthouse we visited the other week. His work in Japan between 1865 and 1876 helped jump start Japan's modernization.

The weather has been absolutely amazing here. I have heard that the weather back home has been great too. Washington state the hottest place in the nation? Come again? At first I was bummed that the weather was nicer at home (just another reason to feel homesick, not that I need many of those right now) but Chris quickly reminded me that the weather has been far more consistently nice here, taming some of my angst.

Gabriel seems pretty done with our little apartment; he's just seems all to familiar with the surroundings so most days we get out after morning nap and putts around until Chris gets off. Recently I have been trying to get us to some sort of grassy park so Gabriel can at least get out of his stroller and move around to burn some energy before heading back home and some days that is Verny Park.

My bald little baby requires a brimmed hat while out in the sun but he seems to disagree.

He actually threw the hat out of the stroller at some point later that day so now we are sans hat. Of course they are sold out on base so we'll need to find him one out in town which means it will probably be a fedora or something. Love the Japanese.

Rumor has it that the building being erected to the left in the bottom picture is a PSNS contracted apartment complex which means it would be an optional place for us to stay. The second half of the rumor is that it is expected to be complete by the next project! For those who do not know yet we are actually signed up to come back here next year. No we are not crazy, though right now it feels that way. We were asked a couple months ago if we would be willing to come back and we said yes. The dates of the duration of the stay are unknown as of yet and will remain so up until a couple months before the project. We have gotten very accustom to 'going with the flow.' If the building is completed and it IS a PSNS contracted apartment complex we are for sure going to try and stay there. Talk about prime location, goodness!


  1. Wow, this park looks beautiful! I've never stayed past early may so the full bloomed parks look wonderful! We might be going back too so I hope that place is indeed for PSNS! Cross your fingers :)

    1. It is completely breath taking! So many different colors and varieties! There is a Rose Festival next weekend. :) You might be coming next year?!!

  2. The park is beautiful, and it's a wonderful place to take your son. I hope you enjoy your next year in Japan.

    Heidi’s Wanderings


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