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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The End of Golden Week, Zushi Beach

Chris was slated to work again last weekend. After working Saturday he was told that if he didn't get a call Sunday morning that he wasn't needed at work! Well he called in the morning just to be safe and was told that he had a 1.5% chance of being called in. Chris said he was planning on leaving the apartment soon in shorts and asked if he should bring pants just in case- he was told 'yes.'

Napping before hitting the beach.
During brunch Chris' phone range- oh that dreaded work phone ring -he answered and was given great news, no work! We were glad to be able to stick to the plan and head to Zushi Beach (yes I know we said we were going to go to Miura Beach now instead of Zushi, things change) which was supposed to be hopping because of Golden Week.

Golden Week is something I'm not all too familiar with, I just observed that everywhere seemed to be a whole lot busier last week. From what I have found online Golden Week appears to be a week with a collection of four national holidays: The birthday of the former Emperor (died in 1989), Constitution Day, Greenery Day, and Children's Day.

The water was surprisingly warmer than expected and Gabriel loved the experience of having the waves crash on him as well as getting to play around in the sand! It's so fun to watch him take in these new experiences.


  1. Lena - you are looking GORGEOUS! Enjoy yourself :) Love the last photo of Gabe with his sand

  2. My "anonymous" comment is from Judith, Sarah's Mom :)


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