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Thursday, May 16, 2013

State-Side Project Inspirations

At first I was going to title this 'Summer Project Inspirations' but then I realized that I probably won't get to all these projects this summer and have the deadline of returning to Japan come winter. In that moment I realized that I will only have about 6 months in the US before we head back to Japan again, wow! Our next stay here though will probably only be half time which will fly by comparatively.

Anyways, enough about that! After being directed to some fabulous blogs via Pinterest, here are some projects I've been incredibly inspired and motivated by. See this as my DIY goals or 'to-do' list:

Source: (1) LollyJane (2) Sew, Mama, Sew (3) Indulgery (4) 517 Creations  (5) Chez Beeper Bebe (6) DIYing to be Domestic  (7) Addicted 2 Decorating (8) dirtsastudio (9) Me Sew Crazy (10) HGTV (11) Martha Stewart Living

  1. Just before leaving for Japan we bought the largest cubical Ikea shelf in the store! It didn't look as big in the warehouse as it does in our living room... Right now it just has books kind of thrown on it so when we get home I want to organize it more decoratively. I like the idea of having crates on the bottom to hold kid toys.
  2. Not sure what I miss more- my Kitchen Aid or my sewing machine! Though Gabriel is probably getting passed the age of cute little fabric shoes I do know many babies and soon to be babies that aren't and I really want to try my hand at making some! 
  3. I grew up with having outdoor fires and really miss that aspect of my childhood. The goal is to have some sort of outdoor fire-pit area by the end of summer.
  4. Okay so I know this oversized rule has been out there a long time but I just LOVE it! Again, this was something we did growing up- we had a wall where we recorded our height (and my foot size...) and I would love to do the same for our children.
  5. Along with an outdoor fire-pit I want to dress up our backyard and make it feel very welcoming. Aren't these hanging canning jars so sweet?! 
  6. Let the boy awesomeness begin! At first I was sad that I wouldn't get to have fun with clothes like I would have if I had a girl... And then I discovered how cool boy clothes can be! Yes, I love this. 
  7. We have a cat and though I love him I do not love having his littler box in our downstair's bathroom. It's really the only place for it and it drives me nuts. When I came across this I instantly knew I had to make one for him. Now his littler box will be disguised and that works for me. 
  8. Another popular item in the blog world- anything and everything scrabble letters. I want to incorporate the trend somewhere in our home. 
  9. Back to the sewing machine! Our son is tall and lean. At the age of 9 months he is wearing 18 month pants that will only stay on his derriere if he's wearing a bulky cloth diaper. I'm looking forward to sewing him some more well fitting clothes. 
  10. Our bathrooms are dates to the early 1990's. At first thought that doesn't sound like that long ago but it is already 20+ years ago. We're all about DIY inexpensive upgrades so this is right up our ally. Add some bead board to the side of the tube for a more up-to-date look. 
  11. Cannot forget Christmas! Much of my Christmas crafting starts early because I just love it so much! Also because I try to stock up my Etsy early. I've been wanting to put together an advent calendar for years and think this one is totally precious. 
What projects are inspiring you these days? 

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  1. I have a ton on my DIY to-do list too! I've been wanting to try this out for a while, but haven't gotten around to it yet:

    I think it'd be a cute, summer style. I also love your dinosaur sweatshirt idea! That is just adorable!

  2. love those ones...esp. the scrabble pillows and the advent socks! Michaels has small well made crates and they are like ten bucks each so with well planned coupons and such you will be able to get some for your plans. Or you can use the colored cloth like boxes they make for the ikea shelves. anyway...congrats on your return!


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