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Monday, May 27, 2013

Sea Paradise!

Christopher and I slowed down some time ago with seeing Japan. We kind of hit a point where we just felt content in all that we had seen and were focusing more on leaving than the here and now. Well it sunk in recently that yes we are indeed leaving soon and that there was actually more that I wanted to see and do! The hard part however is that as of the beginning of last week Chris and all his coworkers are slated to work everyday (including weekends) until the end of the project.

One of the other mommies throwout an open invitation to go to Sea Paradise. I had been asking Chris about going since we came and my inquiring was never met with much excitement so I figured that this would be the perfect time to go! Of course though once I told him I was going he pushed back on it a little bit- not that he really wanted to go but more that he'd rather be there than at work.

Now that Gabriel is older and I'm more "experienced" with this whole mommy thing I'm more comfortable getting out on bigger trips without Christopher and before Gabriel's morning nap. I sometimes feel like I've missed out on girl-time because my little guy is far younger than many of the other kiddos and we move at a different pace but we've enjoyed our time and have a lot to look forward to next year.

Have you ever heard of a Ocean Sunfish? 


Once Gabriel was awake he loved looking in the aquariums. 

The camera strap was far me entertaining than the dolphin show.

A 'Fishing Farm.' 
I might attempt to go to the zoo one of these mornings. Or maybe not. It's sounding more and more like we will indeed to leaving pretty close to the date set which means I have more packing and organizing to do!

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