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Friday, May 31, 2013

My and Japan's Mutual Breakup

Last weekend was not a good weekend for me and Japan- we just weren't getting along. For the last (almost) five months I've tried to be really open to new things and embrace that there is a lot to Japan that I don't understand. At first that was exotic and we were having a lot of fun together but I think we grew out of the honeymoon stage some time ago and neither of us wanted to admit it. I still love Japan but I miss Washington. Washington and I are just meant to be together and though my rendezvous with Japan has been exciting and thrilling, I miss the comfort, smell, good looks and dependability of Washington.

Japan threw a party last weekend on Blue Street and since we've been seeing each other I thought attending might be a fun way to rekindle our relationship. Unfortunately I couldn't have been more wrong. Yes it was a good party with a lot of people but I didn't understand anything that was happening and I decided that I was tired of not understanding everything all the time. At first it was very charming but now I just find it inconvenient and frustrating. Like I said, the honeymoon stage is long gone.

There had to of been 60+ food venders however they were all selling one of about five things.

This was actually crazy delicious! A spiraled potato fried.
I long for Washington and daydream about when we'll reunite. I'm not exactly over Japan, we just need a break from one another. We actually already made plans to reconnect next year and I think once Japan gets a break from me and I get my fill of Washington we'll be ready for some more adventures.

We still aren't quite sure when we're ending things but we both know that time is coming up pretty soon.

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  1. Now that was just too cute! I think you are coming back at just the perfect time cause Washington is getting its summer moves on.


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