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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend- Sarushima (Monkey Island)

Since the beginning of the project Christopher has been scheduled to work Mother's Day weekend. I was a little bummed but that's how it goes sometimes and we talked about celebrate another weekend.

Friday night Chris came home with flowers and Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 in hand and says, "I have been lying to you for three weeks..." WHAO, holdup. I thought the flowers were for Mother's Day, not for an apology- what is going on?! Well the previous weekend was originally Chris' weekend off but they needed manning and Chris was one of the few guys who could take it. What Chris didn't tell me a month ago when the schedule changed was that he got Mother's Day weekend off in the shuffle but didn't tell me because he wanted to surprise me! Well he sure did!

It was a weekend filled with rest, games, good food, and adventure! It really was the most perfect weekend. Saturday was super soggy and we took advantage of that by having a cozy day. I got to sleep in and stay in my PJs all day! A little cribbage and settlers was even played!

Sunday morning, Mother's Day Chris made me breakfast and after Gabriel's morning nap we went to Nirvana for lunch. We actually ordered Gabriel his own bowl of curry this time! He didn't finish it but put a decent sized dent in it. We were thoroughly impressed.

After Nirvana we met up with our friends Dane and Rachael and headed to Mikasa park to grab a ferry to Monkey Island! Mikasa park was crazy busy. I was there last week during Golden week to play with Gabriel and there wasn't nearly this many people. I later found out that this weekend was the annual curry festival, who knew.

The original plan was to go swimming and hang on the beach but once we got to the island the weather felt cooler and we wanted to do some exploring instead. Monkey Island is the only natural island in Tokyo bay and was once used as an artillery battery.

He loved the ferry ride. Look at those teeth! 

Gabriel is always so serious around other people. Can you tell? 

The last ferry off the island was 5pm. We caught the ferry just before that so we wouldn't be on the 'drunk party ferry' with our tired babies. For dinner we headed to Chili's on base. Dinner was great. Your food and service always takes longer because it's (a) still Japan even though it's the US and (b) the place is HUGE and crazy under staffed but the help is nice and you enjoy your time.

It was the best weekend I could have hoped for! And a weekend that will always be cherished in my memories.

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