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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kannonzoki Lighthouse

Last weekend Christopher took us on a little adventure to find a lighthouse out passed Uraga on Cape Kannon on the Miura Peninsula. When we woke up in the morning Chris asked if I wanted to go on a long walk and I of course agreed! Round trip it was about 7-8 miles which right now for us is pretty normal and we love it.

Chris is fascinated by this form of retention because it is all done by hand with some rebar.

Remember that 'Create' store that I got excited about opening soon? Well a friend of mine said that it was probably a pharmacy and sure enough we passed one that was already built and it is indeed a pharmacy. Bummer. 

We took a lunch break on our way to the light house at what felt like an abandoned park. It was huge and actually seemed rather nice, we couldn't believe we were the only ones there. Of course some of the equipment was marked off but there was still a lot of other nice stuff, a grassy field, beautiful cherry trees, and a large rabbit hutch!

The coastline was absolutely gorgeous! There was some good sand in the water so parts of it look kind of tropical.

It smelled so good walking by this part of the beach! So many families barbecuing. They go to the beach in style with all their tents, portable tall standing grills and portable picnic tables.

We took an alternative route to the light house which meant climbing many stairs with a stroller. Fortunately though the stairs were long and wide so it wasn't too tricky. We were glad we picked the 'jungle' route over the road anyways.

It was slightly nerve wracking holding Gabriel on top of the lighthouse. Not that he was in any danger but I definitely held him a little tighter and a little lower. Of course he hadn't dropped his binkie once the whole trip until we got to the top- it just teeter tottered on the edge, didn't lose it thank goodness! He never suck on it, just loves to chew on it for teething. My sunglasses also teetered... and that's why I buy sunglasses from the Goodwill.

Kannonzaki lighthouse was the first modern lighthouse to be built in Japan and was first light February 11, 1869.

It was a great day! The best part was that it cost us just $4 (price of light house admission) since we didn't pay for trains! Good cheap fun.

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