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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why Buy Toys?

Ever since Gabriel started cruisin' around toys just do not seem to keep his attention anymore. Instead his favorite items are Christopher's dirty work shoes and backpack, computer cords, and outlets. These seem to be his favorite because they are a few of the household items we won't let him play with. His favorite that we do let him play with though include cardboard boxes (we place small toys in a kleenex box and he loves emptying it), my house shoes, and an emptied recycling tub (clean). 

Of course though his and our favorite form of play involves interaction. Chris loves playing with Gabriel on the bed with stuffed animals and tickling him in the side with his face! So many giggles. Gabriel and I do a lot of dancing around the house! He enjoys watching me be ridiculous dancing for him and dancing together with him in my arms.

One of my most frequent prayers is to remember all these moments. I never want to forget how his face lights up when I start signing 'Hakuna Matata' or how he belly laughs in the other room when his dad is teasing him with his stuffed Horton. Seems impossibly in thought to hold on to so many good memories but I hope I can. Time seems to already be slipping passed us so fast with this little man and we don't want to forget a second.

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