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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

THE Japanese Home Store

Since we've gotten here we have wanted to check out a store down on one of the main strips called simply, 'Home's.' The colors reminded me of a Home Depot as well as the size and look of the outside. Finally last weekend we decided that it was time to visit the much anticipate, 'Home's' store.

As we approached we were even more convinced that this was indeed a Japanese version of a Home Depot with all the flowers and gardening supplies outside. A huge wave of homesickness about knocked me over as I strolled through all the aisles of my favorite flowers. I had to continually remind myself that it wasn't 70 degrees and beautiful at home but rather cold and actually snowing in some areas. Perspective right?

As we entered the store our assumptions continued to be affirmed with all the types and sizes of wood and appliances but after we saw the McDonald's everything we thought we knew about this place went out the window. It was literally a home store - you could by anything possibly imaginable for your home - from drapery to a tortoise (if a horned beetle is more your thing those were about $70)! Talk about efficiency, literally a one-stop-shop!

Christopher and his power tools. 
This is a good sized oven here. Most people don't even have one! EEK! 

Super common because of all the apartment living! A way to be courteous to your downstairs neighbors. Cheaper at the 100yen store.
Our patient and curious little man.
Playing around at McDonald's. 
BUT if there was something you really just couldn't find (if that is actually possible) there was a rather large 100 yen shop right next store. They had some wonderful treasures and some that I'm anticipating sharing with one of you readers through a future little giveaway! Be excited.

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