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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rediscovering the Local Area

I'm amazed at how much things have changed in just the two years. We recently took a walk towards Uraga. We only walked this way once our previous trip as a means to distract ourselves from everything that was unfolding post earthquake. Though I don't remember much from last time I'm pretty sure I would have remembered these bunny hedges. At first I thought they were left over from Easter? But then I remembered that, "oh yea, it's Japan. There is a cute factor to everything!"

There is a store here in Japan called Paseo and they are an inexpensive clothing store with some pretty cute children's clothes. There is one in town but we found that we have one 30 minutes from our place! Two years ago there was a convenient store in this location which was so helpful when our local grocery was closed due to the emptied shelves. 

We also rediscovered that we have a local Co-op grocery store! After visiting we remembered that this was actually here last time but closed (due to earthquake) when we ventured this way last time. It was a nice change from the Rosen with better prices. Let's be honest though, I don't think I'll be walking a little over an hour round trip for groceries all too often when we have a grocery store right across the street. But it's nice having options.

I think the best part of our little walk was noticing that there is another building on the way the will be opened at the end of May called 'Create!' Not sure at all what this store will be but the name excites me! I am anticipating it to be some sort of craft/hobby/stationary store but who really knows. Stay tunes, I'll find out in little over a month!


  1. Mama Co-op Delivers! I've seen their trucks all over, but have never seen their store. I want to chase a truck down to see if they have an English website/delivery system :) And, there is a Create by the bike is a drug store. I was disappointed when I went inside...maybe this one will be different?

    1. Yeah I have seen their truck too! We actually saw it up by Sakura when we left for our walk! Bummer about the Create store... I was excited but at the same time figure that since it is Japan the name of the store might not make obvious what was actually inside... ;)


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