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Friday, April 5, 2013

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words...

...If by speaking you mean laugh and scratch head.

(Top to bottom and left to right)

  • Sometimes you know what the illustrations mean and then other times you have no idea... This is one of those times. A dog carrying a needle?! The arrow points to dog tags, that's what throws me off. This was located in the park so we can infer that if you find a lost puppy in the park doing drugs make sure to check his tags? I really just don't know. 
  • This sign was located at the entrance to a construction site. Very straight forward just fun because everything really is so cutesy over here, even construction zones.
  • This one is hands down posted for foreigners. The Japanese don't need a sign to tell them how to line up for the train. This is for newbies who wait right in front of the doors... You only make that mistake once. 
  • Why wouldn't you use chickens to illustrate how to not play on the slide?
  • Double headed panda of course means look both ways! 
  • Pretty obvious, just so dramatic! Located on an elevator door.
  • So not really a sign but totally creepy! Inside that crazy eyeball is a camera and it moves from left to right/ is motion sensitive! It's above a cigarette and beer vending machine where you need to scan your ID. Yes, there is truly a vending machine for everything.
  • Most likely another sign for the non-train users- don't dance, flirt on the phone, rock out or play Pokemon (good assumption) while waiting for the train. 
  • And last but not least... ? 
Hope these made you smile and maybe giggle a bit! I think my favorite is the, "when the lights go out, move your arms and legs." That one was located in a handicap/mother and child bathroom. Too funny. 

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