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Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Favorite Things {100 Yen Store} Giveaway!

Giveaway Closed. 

Awe yes, the 100yen store. I'm not ashamed to say that this is probably one of my favorite parts about Japan and will be greatly missed when we return home in a couple months. As I have mentioned before, the 100yen stores here are so much more than what the dollar stores in the US have to offer- mainly in the area of quality. However, no two 100yen stores are the same and some carry better or more items than others.

All the above items were purchased at a few of the 100yen stores in the area. Notice the rectangular bread pans and heart shaped pan. These are strikingly similar to the Wilton pans I have back in the States but just for a fraction of the cost! Yes my friends only a dollar. Also that twig wreath would probably run you $5-$10 at a craft store but not at the 100yen shop. Do you like the pattern on the coral placements? Yep, 100yen store. And those mini clothes pins, I remember being baffled by the price of those in the States! Only 100yen, one dollar here in Japan. I guess what makes these finds even better is that most things are typically more expensive here.

Taking a closer look, here are some more faves: fabric tape, lace tape, washi tapes, and ribbon.

I know quite a few people back home who would love to have access to such great supplies for this price. Personally, when we go home I'm sure I might have some orders for friends who are still out here in Japan, that's how hooked I am! This my friends is why I am doing a giveaway!

Everything you see in the picture directly above is part of the giveaway (place mats not included)!

  • 4 packs of origami paper
  • gingham twisty-ties
  • washi tape
  • fabric tape
  • lace tape
  • pushpins
  • small clothes pins

Here is how to enter! Check it out below! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will be mailing these items out to the lucky winner a couple days after the giveaway closes and I receive shipping info from the winner. Only open to US citizens. Good luck and if you have any questions, let me know! Giveaway closes May 1st at midnight.


  1. The things I buy at my local dollar store which are no where as exciting or as cool as yours are stuff I use for teachers at school. For example: the kindergarten teacher in your old room is doing a project where I need tongue depressors. So I am off today to the dollar store to find some and hopefully maybe find some other cool stuff.
    Question for you...if I send you money, can you bring me some of that cool origami paper? I have never seen patterns like that here. Let me know. Thanks Lena.

    1. I was buying stuff at the dollar store all the time for my kinders!

  2. Yay Lena!! I do go to the dollar store for some craft stuff- tissue paper, double sided tape, moss, and organizational stuff but you're so right- this Japanese one looks much better!

    1. They have double sided tape?! Noted! that stuff is expensive!

  3. I love the dollar store... But these look amazing!!

  4. We love the dollar store! Ribbon, balloons, gift bags and wrap, candy, dishcloths, toys, stationary, coloring and activity books, glue sticks, etc!

  5. Oh my gosh I have an obsession with mini clothes pins!! :)

  6. I am so jealous! I would love to visit a 100 yen store. My favorite thing to buy at the dollar store is season stuff like decorations, stocking stuffers, etc.

  7. I love the 100 Yen store...I just wish I was able to spend more time in Japan so I could have bought a bunch of things you can't get here in the states. The last day I was there in March I found little table and chair booties (so they don't scratch the floor), I really wish I would have bought those...I might need to get my brother to buy them for me!


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