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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Miura Beach

The weather has been fabulous lately! So nice that I'm already getting Choco suntan lines on my feet! Zushi beach seems to be the popular beach around here but for us to get there it takes a train line transfer and about an hour travel time when taking into consideration the walking time in addition to trains. We knew that there should be something closer so after a little research online we went out to find said beach!

We read online that there is a beach just a couple stops south of us on our nearest train line called Miura Beach. Perfect! We took the Keiku line south to Miurakaigan Station, walked about three blocks to a grand sand beach!

Seaweed drying for sale I imagine.

Fun house off the beach.
It was pretty windy, as typical for Japan. Usually we don't mind it, the wind is actually pretty nice because it freshens up the thick air but on the beach it made it hard to lay and relax without getting sand in our eyes so we enjoy a nice walk instead.

One thing is for sure, we'll be making our way to this beach more as the weather continues to warm up!


  1. This is the beach that we always went to and loved it! I'm glad you found it :)

    1. Is it always windy there? We weren't sure if it was just the day or just how it always is. We don't mind the wind but it is hard to keep the sand out of Gabriel's eyes with it.


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