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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kurihama Poppy Festival

Remember how we visited Godzilla park a couple months ago and I showed you pictures of an empty poppy field? Well that field isn't empty anymore! Poppies have begun to bloom and from April 6th until June 9th the Poppy Festival is taking place in Kurihama.

Christopher was scheduled to work last weekend but since he was on swings we figured we'd try to get a quick visit in before he was off to work. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depends on how you look at it) Chris was called quickly after we reached the festival and told he wasn't needed until grave shift lengthening our stay.

At the entrance of the park was a small flea market and a stage where dance groups were performing. The items for sale at the flea market were mainly children's clothes which was fun because I adore the Japanese children's clothes and they can be a little more on the expensive side. We bought Gabriel a sweatshirt with VW Beetles all over it which Christopher proceeded to punch me for every color car on the sweater... Thanks, love. Most items were marked 100 yen. It was really easy and comfortable to brows since the Japanese selling their items quietly sat on their knees providing no pressure to purchase. However there was one little boy decked out in a leather jacket, skinny jeans, boots, scarf and fedora hat throwing what sounded like a great sales pitch even though I didn't understand him.

There was also supposed to be a traditional drum performance this day as well but since it was starting to rain and get cold we didn't stick around long. Towards the end of May they open the park up for a couple days between certain hours for people to pick as many poppies as they want! I'm going to try and get back to pick my own bouquet when that time comes!

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