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Sunday, April 7, 2013

He is Jealous for Me

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Do song lyrics ever hit you harder sometimes than others? I know in my experience I could sing a song a hundred times without ever truly listening to the lyrics. I know I just made some of my music friends cringe…

Lately I’ve had a few things going on in my life taking up a lot of my time and energy. Much of the space in my mind and capacity of my emotions have been monopolized by a couple instances where I found myself not meeting expectations others had for me, not being who someone thought I should be, or not thinking in a

way that was considered acceptable/logical. I have always tried to be a people pleaser and peacekeeper. I try to avoid arguments because as the Bible says they tend to start fights (2 Timothy 2:23); when confrontation arises if I do not feel as if I’m being mocked or ridiculed I’ll be more than willing to agree to disagree because I value a relationship more than a petty argument. However if I feel our core beliefs are being attacked or I or someone else is being wrongly accused or mistreated, I will speak up.

Anyways, after spending several days sporadically breaking down in tears, losing sleep and having my mind spin round and round as to how to change things, make things work, make things better, different, new- I started spontaneously singing the lyrics from ‘How He Loves’ writing by John Mark McMillian but more commonly known through The David Crowder Band (I however heard it preformed first by the Resonate Church Band lead by our friend Josh Martin). The first line of the song is, He is Jealous for me, with that line all my stress and anxiety was lifted off my shoulders because I realized that the burdens I was carrying were burdens the Lord was begging to take from me. Because I was so wrapped up in them, I didn’t hear Him. For the last few days the Lord has been so jealous for my time. I had wasted so much energy on things He could carry for me rather than spending all those moments with Him. It was a great reminder to me that I cannot be perfect in everyone’s eyes and to spend time trying to figure out how is a waste.

I really do love having a blog. It’s a wonderful creative outlet for me, I love sharing things we’re doing and it’s a great way for me to record the happenings of our life. Because I keep a personal blog, opposed to one that has a specific topic or subject, I share exactly that- personal things. Something that is undeniably present in every area of our life (strive daily for it) is our faith in Jesus. I will never go on a Bible Thumpin’ rant on here about our Lord but He will be mentioned from time to time. There is no way around it and I won’t sensor myself. Though I’m more than willing and happy to speak to anyone about my faith in Jesus if approached from here, me mentioning God is not an open forum to try and disrespectfully attack our belief. If you can’t say something nice… 

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