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Sunday, April 21, 2013

8 Months Old and a Future Coug!

Yep, totally ate my words this month. Sleeping pretty much went out the window - both napping and nighttime for about a week. Looking on the upside, we didn't have any middle of the night hysterical breakdowns, just up sometimes every 30-45minutes! One night we even had a little man who was wide awake a 3 in the morning. Nothing else to do during those times than get up and play quietly until he's ready to go back down.

There are a few things that we know were contributing to the interrupted sleep. First off, he did cut two teeth this month (an eyetooth and his second bottom tooth), and has five that look as if they'd be in shortly. We have also found ourselves dealing with 'stranger danger' and separation anxiety. WHAM. That's how is felt, just completely overnight he seemed to be different with people and us. I've read that it has a lot to do with his new mobility (army crawling everywhere!) but we really didn't see it coming. Chris easily accepts that it is a phase that many babies go through however I'm having a harder time accepting it. Before having kids and observing others with their children I always told myself that I would never have a child who would freak out with other people or if I left. I thought that it was a parenting thing caused by too much coddling. I've thought I took some very important preemptive measures to avoid this... guess it is just inevitable with some kiddos. We didn't take it lightly though because to him it is very real and he genuinely thought we were gone. So no, we didn't letting him cry it out. It meant more trips to his room and some times co-sleeping but we're seeing progress.

Since Gabriel has turned 6 months I started stressing a little about introducing food. Not necessarily what to feed him (more on that later) but how much and when. While probing other moms they kept telling me that Gabriel will let me know when. I really didn't know what to make of this... How? Sure he has been more grabby at the table but just to gum at things like silverware. Well a couple weeks ago he let us know! We went to Red Lobster after visiting the beach and Chris and I ordered a salmon to share. Gabriel was being overly grabby at the food so we gave him a chunk of salmon to try, he couldn't get enough! This was the first time when we've given him tastes of our food that he acted as if we weren't feeding him fast enough! As soon as any of the food on our plate touched his lips he was begging for more and that is how it has been since. And boy-oh-boy does he love his puffs! After having them only twice he gets so excited when he sees the conister! The eyes light up and the arms flail! I thought he's have a hard time picking them up but on his first try he pinched one between his index finger and thumb and placed it in his mouth. If he gets too excited about hem though his accuracy and focus great decreases. To avoided being flooded with concerned comments, yes I know nursing is still his number one source of nutrients and that it is best to nurse before feeding him solids. We're adhering to all of that.

It amazes me how much more interactive Gabriel becomes month to month. This month his new thing was sharing. If there is something he likes to chew on he wants you to chew on it too, he'll try to shove it in your mouth! Also, now when you bounce you finger between his lips he makes a sound so that your finger manipulates it but he finds it so funny that he stops after a second or two to laugh. We're also learning very quickly that our things will never be the same with children- he sucked on the end of my computer charger so my computer charges super slow these days and he also broke my wedding pearls... Can't get mad about any of it though because he's a baby and I should have probably taken better precaution to keep my charger up as well as not wear my pearls while nursing. As the old saying goes, good thing they are cute!

We finally stepped Gabriel up in he next clothing size, 12-18months. He is still about 4-5pounds off according to the label, which shows, but he needed the length! All his body suits were becoming low cut and his pants high waters! Not quite the look we were going for. I'm looking forward to getting home to my sewing machine so I can make him some clothes that fit a little better!

We really do have the best time together. I find myself during many moments of the day trying to take a second to soak it all in so I don't loss any of it from my memory. He's my bestest little buddy.

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