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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yokohama Times Two!

We figured we'd spend most of our day on Thursday in China Town and Saturday in Yokohama but after gluiding through China Town in an hour we decided to scoot along to Yokohama. The first place Chris took us was to the Red Brick Warehouse. The Red Brick Warehouse was originally built in the early 1900's for customs housing but is now a shopping mall and banquet center.

After China Town and the Red Brick Warehouse we decided to make our way back to Yokosuka to save some of Yokohama for Saturday.

On Saturday we finally got to go up 'Christopher's building' or how everyone else knows it, Landmark Tower (the building in the background of our family photo above)! I'm glad we got to get Christopher up and in this building, he has been fascinated by it ever since he first saw it over 2 years ago.

It was fun getting a panoramic view of Yokohama from Japan's tallest building after riding in the 2nd fastest elevator in the world! In just 40 seconds we climbed to the 69th floor! After Landmark Tower we split ways with Chris's parents for a bit so they could go ride the ferris wheel and so we could go walk some shops. It was a beautifully warm day but we were all ready to get home by the end; we have kept rather busy this week!


  1. Awesome Shots from the tower, Lena. I love pictures like those.

    1. Thanks! Those are the handwork of my husband, he enjoys them too!


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