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Sunday, March 3, 2013

So 20 Years Ago

It's funny, lately through Pinterest I have noticed a huge trend of feathers, arrows, dream catchers and the works. I guess that makes them cool now?

As a child I was repping these things like no one's business! I was always off somewhere making dream catchers, searching for arrowhead rocks and feathers, weaving daisy crowns and chains, and building teepees. My doodles would consist of 'indian designs' as I would call them (now referred to as Navajo print?) and I would design feathers and arrows to go with. The funny part was that NO ONE else was doing this (besides a couple neighbors I managed to rope in), it actually made me sorta weird. I'd bring my dream catchers to school for show and tell and I'd be looked upon as if I practices some sort of witchery. Definitely not cool.

So what do I think of the trend now? Been there, done that.

Are there or have there been any trends, styles, hobbies you've enjoyed before their time has come? I still find the look inspiring and beautiful, just a surprise to me in my adulthood.

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