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Monday, March 11, 2013

Plum Blossom Enchantment

Two years ago it was my post about the <local Plum Blossom park> that really kick started my blogging when I was <'Freshly Pressed'>.

We visited the park a few days later into March this time around and pairing that with the warmer weather we experienced the park just slightly after the full bloom rather than before it. Either way the park did not fail to impress!

Gabriel was quiet and cuddly while at the park. We forgot to take the ergo instead of the stroller (tons of stairs) and when we got to the park we had to park the stroller and pull him out to carry him up. Unfortunately we had to wake him up to do so, thus super mellow baby. 

Christopher's sweet parents soaking in their Japan experiences! 

Gabriel finally gave up and fell back asleep on the walk back down.

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