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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kamakura- Home of the Amida Buddha (3/5/13)

In the history books Kamakura is often referred to as the former capital of Japan. One of the most popular attractions in Kamakura is the Kotoku-in Buddhist temple. The temple has a bronze outdoor statue of Amida Buddha, Buddha of infinite light. The statue was not always outdoors but in the 15th century a tsunami destroyed the temple that housed the Great Buddha but the statue survived and has remained outdoors.

One of the many shrines located in Kamakura. Chris and I talked about paying to enter this one in a couple months when the cherry blossoms bloom. The above photo is a picture of the currently blooming plum blossoms.

Kamakura is a place we visited last time we were here too! It's a great little outing and only cost $2 to get in to see the Great Buddha! If you're curious about our visit 2 years ago you can read that <HERE>.

It was a long day for the little one, he fell asleep on the way home with his bib in his mouth!

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