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Saturday, March 30, 2013

ハッピーイースター (Happīīsutā)

...I am hoping that means 'Happy Easter' in Japanese.

As far as I can tell, the Japanese do not celebrate Easter. I'm not entirely surprised because it is a Christian holiday but I thought that they might have enjoyed the 'cuteness' factor of the secular celebration.

A couple days ago we had an Easter party for families organized by one of the awesome moms here. Gabriel was of course too young to participate but I made cupcakes and we attended to socialize, help out and observe the kids having loads of fun! 

Lemon Cupcakes- Click image for recipe! 
Chris had to work this weekend. We thank God for the overtime since we will be furloughed 14 days this summer but sad to see him go this afternoon; Gabriel even tried to follow him out the door.
We spent most of our morning in bed as a family then listened to a sermon while we made and ate brunch.

We're excited for Gabriel to learn about the celebration of Easter as he gets older. I'm not referencing the gathering of eggs and eating lots of chocolate, though we will be celebrating this way too, but the rising of Christ! Through His crucifixion, burial, and resurrection Jesus paid our penalty for death and that is something worth celebrating. Even as I type this my eyes water with joy and thankfulness. Christ's selfless act saved me, a sinner, gave my life purpose and allows me to have eternal life in Heaven where sin, pain and tears do not exist. Like I said, completely worth celebrating! 

Happy Easter! 

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