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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

{FREE} Digital Art App

There have been many times on this blogging journey that I wanted to insert some of my own art and using a scanner just wasn't the look I was going for because I wanted my art to be digital. Recently I have been asking around to see what others use to make their art. The answers I received were Adobe Illustrator and Wacom tablet with Photoshop. I am fortunate enough to own Photoshop cs5 but have an I-Pad and not a Wacom. Both Illustrator and a Wacom can put you out half a grand a piece and this stay at home mom (previously teacher) doesn't have that sorta pocket change!

Leave it to my husband to find me what I've been looking for without even knowing it! A couple weeks ago he told me he downloaded a free app for me on his I-Pad called 'Paper 53' and I forgot about it until this morning. Did I mention that it was free?! Yes you can pay for some upgraded tools but those will only run you $1.99 a piece! I drew this picture of anemone flowers using the app and I'm thoroughly impressed with the capabilities! I did purchase a stylist for better control but compared to shelling out hundreds of dollars I see this as a great alternative! It is unfortunately only available for the I-pad and not I-phone. Neither the less I was pretty excited about it and figured some of you would be too! Have fun!

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