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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cherry Blossoms Part 1: Kamakura

On our walk to the Kurihama station I quickly learned why our apartments are named Sakura Residence. If you don't know Sakura means cherry blossom, I only knew this because we sang a song elementary with the same title,

Sakura, sakura, cherry blossoms everywhere.... 

The things we remember. Anyways the road next to our complex is lined with gorgeous cherry trees!

As you might remember we visited Kamakura just a couple weeks ago. If you don't remember specifically, don't worry because I too get confused on a regular basis. I often say Kuri...Kamakura when I try and reference this place. Kitikurihama, Kurihama, Kamakura, how do you keep them all straight?! For a refresher you can visit {here}.

Since visiting Kamakura two years ago I dreamed of visiting during cherry blossom season! Chris reminded me that many other people will be wanting to do the same thing, being sensitive to my avoidance of large crowds, but to me it was worth it!

The train that takes you to the area of Kamakura we were traveling to is quite the rickety, Podunk train. As soon as we got to the platform and saw the crowd we laughed and commented, "here we go!"

Everyone was up in everyone's business on the train. Chris was more or less standing on top of the stroller and I was pushed halfway down the car from him holding Gabriel. Thankfully a young man offered me a seat next to his wife so I didn't have to juggle Gabriel while trying to not fall on others as the train moved.

The area was much more alive this time! We had two points of interest: the great Buddha and Shinto shrine. Since this was our third trip to the great Buddha our stay there was short and sweet! We grabbed a sweet potato and green tea soft served cone (delish) on the way in and stayed just long enough to snag a few photos. I think we were as much of an object of interest as the Buddha was! We were not the only ones taking pictures of us.

Someone was distracted by the strangers squealing about him.

We had never visited the Shinto so we were both excited to explore some place new! There was a rather long walk down a shopping ally that was lined with people. Once again so alive in spirit! The Shinto was nothing less than grand and we even got to witness part of a wedding ceremony! We counted three bride and grooms by the time we left.

This was probably one of my more favorite days exploring. It was such a low key adventure filled with fun and beauty. I never cease to be amazed at all the experiences Christopher and I have together so young in our age and marriage. Incredibly thankful. 


  1. Cool! Did you ever use those Sakura gel pens? Maybe they have them over there still but I remember they have little blossoms on the side. :-)

    1. I am sure they have them. You can find cherry blossoms on everything here! Even toilet paper... haha


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