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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Where Are You? What's Going On?!

Hello friends! Yes we are all still here! We've been pretty preoccupied with a teething monster (how come I didn't know of this pre-baby?!) and in my free time when I have any time in-between comforting/taking care of a baby and house chores I have been turning to sleeping, reading, quiet time, prayer and sermons to rejuvenate myself instead of blogging. Oh, and some times I'm able to squeeze in a shower. Though I love blogging about our day-to-day I miss blogging about baking, cooking, and projects! I also miss participating in those things which editing pictures and journaling about my day takes away from.

Don't get me wrong, I am still going to be sharing our adventures but not as frequently and in actuality our adventures have slowed down so it sorta works out. We've been here for 2 months now, the newness has worn off and it no longer feels like we are living is this crazy awesome place. We still like it here, we're just passed the honeymoon stage I guess. For example this has been our week:

Saturday- went on a little walk
Sunday- base for groceries
Monday- baked cupcakes
Tuesday- ran G to ER for ear infection
Wednesday- rained, stayed inside
Thursday- base for groceries

We do though have a ton of Adventures on the horizon the next two weeks because Chris' parents are coming to visit! They get here tomorrow! SoOoOo I guess after this little spiel I'll actually probably be posting a lot of blogs about a lot of really cool things. Until then! ;)

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