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Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Complication of Toilets (2/05/13)

Good morning mom! I'm growing teeth in there! 
As I headed out for a walk some of the wives were still gathering in the party room for coffee. I wasn't able to make the beginning because G feel asleep just before heading down but luckily I snagged a few minutes to meet some more people!

I was originally going to head down to the Seiyu but changed my plans when I ran into Elise and instead headed to the Daiei. We window shopped, laughed, and enjoyed being out of the apartments! With Gabriel's teething, the best thing we have found to help is distraction and a mall offers a lot of that!

With the mall comes the awesome Japanese toilets. Let's be honest, who wouldn't enjoy a heated toilet seat? Yes, they are heated! They actually do quite a bit more than heat and have far more bells and whistles than you can possibly imagine! Even though I have been living in Japan for a month now and lived here for 2.5 months a couple years ago I still sometimes have a hard time figuring out how to flush them. I had to press every knob and button on this toilet (the ones that weren't obvious as to their function) and couldn't find it! At one point I hit a little blue button and a rod came out the toilet and I jump against the stall wall thinking I was going to get sprayed! I eventually had to run out and ask Elise how to do it! Turns out you had to hold your hand in front of the black panel. I thought of this but only quickly waves my hand in front of it, didn't hold my hand there. The process of learning a new culture...

There are no seat covers, just toilet paper and sanitizer. 
When we got to the train station the speaker chimed for our train and a white one came out of the tunnel. Elise nor myself had ever seen a white train in our area and were hesitant as to whether or not it was going to take us in the right direction. We go on anyways and devised a quick plan; If the first stop was Horinochi we'd stay on and if not we'd get off and grab a taxi. Fortunately our 'Ghost Train,' as we called it, got us back to Kitikurihama just like normal!

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