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Friday, February 8, 2013

Swing Shift Begins (2/04/13)

Little bit of tummy play before bed!
Today Chris switched to swing shift. I raved about swing shift in the states! The Gabriel was sleeping from 10pm-9am and it was nice having Chris home an hour after G went to bed and up with us all morning! Now though Gabriel sleeps 7pm-6:30am and Chris gets home later because rather than hoping in his truck and driving home he walks a couple miles to the train station, rides the train, and the walks another mile home. For dayshift shuttles are generously provided to and from work but not for swing and grave workers making their days quite a bit longer. Now our routine on swings looks like this: 6:30am I get up with G, 8:30am Chris gets up, 9am G naps, somewhere between 12 and 1 Chris will head to the train depending if he has errands to run before work, G naps at noon, last nap around 3pm, G goes to bed at 7pm, depending on how G is sleeping I go to bed between 9pm and 11pm, Chris gets home after midnight and goes to bed sometime after 1am. Counting down the days until day shift...

It's strange putting Gabriel to bed without his daddy getting to play with him and hangout with him beforehand. And it is strange for me to pray over Gabriel as he sleeps without my husband by my side. At the end of the day though I have to accept it because Chris is a shift test engineer and acknowledge that this is a job the Lord provided for us almost three years ago that has allowed me to be at home with Gabriel. Choosing to be thankful and reminding myself that it is better than Graves.

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