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Friday, February 1, 2013

Mom, I Found My Toes! (1/28/13)

I Ergo-ed Gabriel down to Yokosuka this afternoon. I stopped at a little market on Blue Street in the Mikasa mall for some vegetables for garden chowder, some bananas and a couple apples. When I got to the register I was told (with a string of Japanese works mixed with a couple English and impromptu signing) that I had to buy the whole basket, no thank you!

Just outside base I met Elise and Katie and their kids. We headed to the library to wait for our husbands to get off. When Chris came and found me we walked the NEX and realized that when we aren't there buying something fun there really isn't much to look at... We caught the shuttle home which was super handy and wonderful! We didn't have to walk three miles between getting to the train from base and then from the train to home (on top of the 3 miles walked to get to base) and it didn't cost $30 like a taxi does from base! Though a little tight it is free and convenient.

As you have probably concluded from the previous two paragraphs, not a very thrilling or entertaining day. Why blog it? Well these posts are just as much a journal for me as they are to share exciting fun news and I hope to print them off some day. BUT I do have fun news! As the title of this post refers to, Gabriel found his toes tonight! He started touching them a couple weeks ago but tonight as I turned around to put his diaper in the wet bag (cloth diapers) I heard a sucking noise! Instead of turning back around to find him sucking on his fingers, as I expected, he was sucking on his big toe! All of a sudden I was standing on the bed snapping pictures while Chris was circling around him with his Ipad! I hope we find these little events as exciting with each kid but something tells me that though we'll think it is just as sweet and fun, we will be a little calmer in our reactions.

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