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Thursday, February 7, 2013

IKEA? I Think Not! (2/3/13)

We woke up with the expectation that we would get to explore the Japanese IKEA also called 'LIVIN.' This is actually something these two window shoppers have been looking forward to since the beginning of the trip! It's an impressively large store that sits on one of the main drags in Yokosuka so we've been teased by it through the windows of a shuttle or taxi countless times!

Gabriel's snack before leaving home.

There was a discussion of whether or not we should walk the whole way from our apartment because the weather was decent but since we were also planning on going onto base and buying groceries we decided not to push our luck with our legs and instead rode the train to Horonochi, the station just before Yokosuka-Chou.

On our walk to the living we began passing a store called AVE. At first we were going to just walk straight on by but were intrigued by the size of the store when observing it was a grocery store! I love grocery stores! Chris sometimes will tell me to wait in the car so it can be a quick trip because when I'm with I'll meander for an embarrassing long time... Maybe it has to do with my love of cooking and baking? And eating for that mater.

When it's a Safeway, Chris isn't all that excited to wander the aisle but with this store we were both equally excited to soak it all in! I have never seen a produce and meat section as grand as the ones in this store! Oh and the prices! They were crazy cheap compared to the overpriced Rosen across the street! Once again I wished to have taken photos but a sign on the outside door said no cameras or lizards for that mater.

The Livin was right next door across the street. Unfortunately all our built up excitement was quickly smashed into the ground; just a regular store but bigger. The bottom was a groceries while the top was clothes, house goods, books, arcade, food court and such. Like all big stores/malls there was a baby room so that was a plus! I am going to miss those special baby rooms when we go back to the States!

The Livin was right on the water so after taking care of the little one we headed outside! Because it was a nice day the water front, field and park were quite lively!

It was a beautiful park but the highlight had to have been seeing a VW van, 2 punches! Chris dominates at the slug-bug game at home but Japan turns out to be my turf! It's harder here too... just sayin'.

And in case you are driving in Japan and get nervous about red and white barrels thinking you accidentally entered a race you can relax because those are just their construction barrels!


  1. Every other week we would go to Livin. and get groceries. Japanese Walmart was always interesting :)

    1. You like the Livin for groceries over the Ave? I didn't walk the grocery store in the Livin because we spent so much time in the Ave but the Ave was awesome! We were thinking of doing the same thing!

  2. I love reading your blog Lena! I am so jealous of those baby rooms! I had to change my son on a dirty counter in the Seattle airport because they didn't have any baby changing stations. Those rooms look so nice!

    1. Thanks Emily! Yea, I am really, REALLY going to miss these baby rooms! No baby changing station at the airport?! GEEZE! That is where you find the best baby rooms here! AMAZING!


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