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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Half a Year Old!

It's funny how I feel like the last few months I've commented that we've had our hardest times yet and it seems to keep being that way. Over all things are great but the older he gets the louder and more stubborn he becomes, just the nature of it! Most of his 6th month of life unfortunately was spent being sick. Since about the first week we landed Gabriel was slowly building some sort of sickness. The climax of it all was a screaming baby who was working himself up so bad that he couldn't breath, he stopped nursing, and was waking up all hours of the night! One night we even quickly left the apartment headed to the ER after thinking G was having an allergic reaction to an inhaler he was prescribed for what was called bronchial spasms only to have him calm down as soon as we were in the elevator. What we guessed happened in that situation was that on top of being tired and uncomfortable, the inhaler sped up is heart a bit which freaked him out causing him to just spiral down, down, down. Once he was outside in the cold air and distracted he calmed down. Between sick and teething we have had many a nights of 8-12 wake ups in the middle of the night. A far ways in the wrong direction from our heavenly 9.5 hour sleep stretches!

However there is always a positive! Gabriel has been making far more sounds this month and has even began mimicking some! The most exciting being the word 'mom-ma' which I posted a video of <here>. Though he has been making a large range of sounds he loves his M, P, and B sounds and I'm pretty sure he did say 'dada' towards the end of the month but it was only once. Gabriel is also getting closer to crawling! While on his tummy he has started pulling his knees into his chest pushing his rump up in the air and even for a split second got himself up on all fours! The ECing has continued to be successful (besides during the height of his illness) and he has started peeing again when his diaper comes off! This is something, though messing, exciting to us because it means he is unlearning to pee in his diaper which is the goal! He gives kisses and giggles more than ever and now weights 18 pounds.


  1. Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow? I hope things get better. Babies are so wonderful and so difficult aren't they? :) I don't want to offer unsolicited advice, and you have been a mama longer than me, but if you want/need any encouragement or help with sleep training and routines, let me know. I have read 4 good sleep books I could suggest as well. Sounds like teething and sickies are getting him too, I am not looking forward to that!! Haha!

    1. Advice from you is always welcome. :) We were doing great with sleep routines before the sick/teething. He was going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, 1-2 wake ups, napping at the same time everyday, and going to sleep happy by himself alone in his room. We have always had a hard time with him napping as much as they say he should nap during the day but adding his nap time to his night time sleep always adds up to the suggested total.


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