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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Exploring the Local Shops (1/29/13)

The flu and Norovirus is hitting hard here! Seems like at least one member from every family has gotten it! Unfortunately I feel like our days are numbered with getting the illness that is going around.

At first I was just going to lock myself up at home with my Clorox wipes but the beautiful sunny day was too alluring so instead I went on a walk with Rachel.

We walked one big loop and made two stops along the way. Our first stop was the D2, a DIY store. We spent a lot of time pondering the idea of making some balcony gardens since there is so much sun!

As we were walking home we saw another huge store but had no idea what it was...

Turned out to be like a Bed Bath and Beyond on the first floor and an Ikea type place on the second floor! There was a third floor and as we were going up the elevator we were trying to decide what it was going to be but found ourselves in a parking garage.

Every piece of furniture was ridiculously small in the Ikea. At first we thought that maybe the chairs were for kids... I could hardly get my rump in them! Just sorta had to laugh because we quickly realized that those were adult sized chairs, ha!

Earlier in the day Rachel noticed a bump in Gabriel's mouth! How she saw that in there is beyond me but she did. When I put my finger in his mouth to check it out sure enough there is a tooth working its way up! Though this is exciting it creates a very crabby and restless baby. He was so tired from his lack of sleep that he actually fell asleep on Chris's shoulder as I showered!

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