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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Banana, Shrines, and a Balcony Slide? (2/07/13)

What happened to February 6th you ask? It was a rainy day and that's about it. Morning until 4am is lost in my memory, a haze of taking care of a fussy baby is all that I have. That evening however was a lot of fun. Several of us here all have our husband's working on swing shift so we met up for dinner and adult interaction! Carlyn made some fabulous pizza! One was BBQ chicken which I plan to make soon. It's great creating community so far from home.

Okay so Thursday... Like the rest of the week my main goal was distracting Gabriel. We went for a walk down towards the Shinotsu train station. The night before Carlyn mentioned that there was a little market called Z-One where bananas were 88yen which is a few dollars cheaper than the Rosen across the street so I wanted to check that out!

It was nice to get out but the wind was pretty harsh. Gabriel was protected in his wind guard as we strolled along and I sang to him off my ipod, one day he'll object but for now he likes it. I stopped off at a park next to a shrine to sit and talk to G for a bit. The stroller is nicer on my back than the Ergo but I love the continual interaction the Ergo provides so on walks I like to stop and take some time to talk and play with him along the way.

In addition to grabbing some bananas I was curious to find a little more direct path to the train station that utilized side streets instead of the main road. I did find one and along the way I noticed some interesting graffiti as well as a pretty awesome alternative second story exit.

You hardly ever see graffiti in Japan, but when you do... 

The bummer of the day was getting a hole in one of the back tires of my BoB stroller! Towards the end of the walk as I was pushing the stroller home lifting it to ride on only the front and back right tires the wind got so strong that I, without exaggeration, could hardly push it, let alone turn it! The shield completely caved in on my sleeping baby making it look like he was vacuum sealed inside the stroller! Needless to say he woke up and we were quite the sight to be seen!

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