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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baking Fail (2/1/13)

I love baking so I am quite the frequent baker, however I am normal and make some pretty ridiculous mistakes sometimes...

Today I set out to make some cookie dough stuffed cupcakes for Elise's birthday! Well I've been in a cupcake stuffing kick baking cupcakes stuffed with a pumpkin pie and recently stuffed with a peanut butter ball. Without thinking too much about it I approached these cupcakes with the same method; just put a dab of batter on the bottom, insert cookie dough ball, add some batter to the top, bake and pull out prefect and beautiful cupcakes. Wrong. I some how failed to think about how cookie dough flattens out in the oven.... How I overlooked this critical part I have no idea since I bake cookies about one a week and you know how I do it? I roll up a ball of cookie dough and while in the oven it flattens... As I am sure you are already picturing my cupcakes came out like this:

Gabriel has continued to sleep worse and worse and be more and more difficult during the day because of those silly teeth making it take all stinkin day for me to make this baking mistake. What it came down to was resorting to a box mix but sprucing them up with homemake frosting and sprinkles. Sprinkles fix all right?

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