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Friday, February 15, 2013

{Actually} Living in Japan (2/09/13)

Up until this weekend we felt like we were still just visiting but now not only does it feel like we are living here we could actually see ourselves potentially PCSing (permanent change of station). Before having our first child we thought without a doubt that we'd love the opportunity to move over here for a few years. Of course though reservations began to build soon after having Gabriel. This weekend however has sparked the desire again. Ultimately we still have a few months left here and several years until an opportunity would arise but the idea currently excites us.

I can't pinpoint what exactly it was about the the weekend, maybe it was finding the huge fabric selection downtown and knowing that if we were to PSC here I'd have my sewing machine and other favorite tools from home. It was a very comfortable and enjoyable day. The parts of our life that are harder or more challenging now wouldn't be a problem if we were here permanently; we'd (most likely) have a car, far more of our how hold items, and complete access to what the Naval Base offers.

And lastly, be prepared to laugh at our ridiculousness...

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