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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yo! Yokohama! (1/26/13)

We left the apartment a little after 9am. Rather than walking to Kitikurihama Station we walked to Shinotsu Station. It was only a couple minutes more of walking but there are no stairs!

We didn't have any big plans for Yokohama, mainly just window shopping. The malls are a little different here. Rather than walking trough a mall and entering a shop you walk through the mall and enter pods of shops. Of course there is the exception like the Snoopy shop. The store was surprisingly quite full of customers!

On the 4th floor of the Queen's Square mall there was a baby room! This baby room had a row of changing tables and two private rooms with a sofa for nursing and a changing table! And I thought the little sitting area in the Nordstroms bathrooms were accommodating! 

A garbage that vacuum sealed and compacted disposable diapers.
After some shops we headed downstairs to eat. Dane, Rachel and their little one Beau met us for lunch and then we headed outside.

Street Performers.
While in a different mall we walked passed a gelato shop. We were all offered a sample to which Dane directed a reply to his wife, "so what are you getting?" It was so tasty and the machine look like a spaceship and even rotated!

The goal was to get to my favorite mall. It's a historical building filled with many boutiques! When we walked inside though it seemed like it was the place everyone wanted to be and I wasn't doing very well handling how busy it was. Between the crowds, our tired legs, and a storm rolling in we decided it was time to start heading home.

We rode that Ferris Wheel for Valentines 2 years ago. One o the largest in the world! 

Landmark Tower behind us; Chris's favorite building.

Gabriel all bundled for the cold weather.
It wasn't so hard to get to Yokohama! The Yokohama station itself can be pretty intimidating because it is so big but finding your way around isn't so bad. I'm thinking it will be best to explore some time during a week day which means doing it without Christopher but like I said it isn't so tough now that I've seen the way again!

We wanted to hit Chinatown but didn't make it, that will be a another trip for another day!

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