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Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Storm? (1/14/13)

Well, we no longer have a heard of rhinos above us at night while we are trying to sleep... Instead we have a partier next door! I guess living in a house has spoiled me... Not used to this communal living anymore. Fortunately this kind of noise didn't wake a sleeping baby! If it did though, I was completely prepared to bring screaming tired baby next door!

Chris stayed home from work today because he is sick. Hoping little man and I can stay away from it! 

What a crazy day weather wise we are having! Yesterday was mid 50's and sunny while today we are experiencing a legitimate blizzard! I have never seen snow blow so fiercely in so many directions! There is snow caked onto the sides of our apartment towers!

Had no idea this storm was coming! It would be nice if it leaves as fast as it comes! There won't be a shuttle tomorrow for the guys and there is talk of closing base!

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